Let me take a minute to introduce myself…

Hello… Welcome… Nice to see you…

I’m Claire (aka Mac)… This is my blog… All opinions are mine, and not that of a third party… You don’t have to like them… It’s OK!

– I’m 26
– I live in the UK, i’m a northerner living in the south (I know… pray for me)
– I work in the music industry, I love music, all types of music
– I love roller derby, I am a rookie in training
– I like youtube and some of its content creators
– I went travelling, I want to travel some more
– Want to know something? Just ASK!

DISCLAIMER: If I use a photo, video, question, concept, clothes item, song or pen of yours without asking… LET ME KNOW. Send me a message, I will credit, remove or give it back… 😉

I will aim to post 2-3 times a week, more hopefully… Looking for a community to actively engage and communicate with to form discussions and debates around popular topics in Pop Culture, such as TV, Music, YouTube and Roller Derby.

Follow me… (Not literally though… that’s just creepy!)