About Me

Hello… Welcome… Nice to see you…

My name is Claire, I live in the UK and I work in the Music Industry.

I decided to start blogging publicly with the hope that I can build a community with similar interests and to create discussions on pop culture and just life in general. Down the line, I also want to try to build upon it, maybe start a YouTube channel or a Podcast that will coincide with the blog… Maybe.

I play Roller Derby, I listen to music and I watch TV and Films, so expect some content involving those topics. I am also really interested in new media and the youtube culture that is currently taking the world by storm, so there may also be the odd post about this.

My main goal for the blog is to share my opinions and actively engage and connect with others.



So follow me…

(Not literally though… that’s just creepy!)


DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own, and not that of a third party. If I use a photo, video, question, concept, clothes item, song or pen of yours without asking… LET ME KNOW. Send me a message, I will credit, remove or give it back… 😉







7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Always good to meet another Brit on these ‘ere interwebs (although I am slightly displaced at the moment..)

    What do you do in the music industry? I once dreamed of being a professional musician but words like ‘ability’ and ‘talent’ kept coming up – normally preceded by ‘you don’t have any…’

    Cheers 🙂

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    1. Hey! Nice to see another Brit as well… there doesn’t appear to be many of us on here (by here I mean WordPress)

      I work in Talent Relations… I much prefer to be behind the spotlight than in front of it 😉

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  2. There are a few kicking around getting angry at the lack of ‘u’ but not too many.

    Yeah, we never had a talent relation. Most likely because of previously mentioned limitations in the talent area. Also, without talent “talent relations’ is just ‘relations’ and you can’t ask your gran to carry a Marshall half-stack three nights on the bounce. Especially the way she lifts. I told her ‘from the knees’ but you know how stubborn the elderly can be. Particularly so after four can of Special Brew in the headliners’ tour van.

    Although, talent relations sounds like you are either:

    a) a drug mule
    b) sorting out all of the whims of a diva-ish star

    Either way, I bet you have some cracking stories. 🙂

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